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“I stood over Amanda’s grave watching as the casket lowered into the ground. Six feet down is where she would live in infamy as the girl who killed herself. Or at least until the next horrific event washes over Philbrook.”

Novel In Progress

“ But the sudden shift in reality was making me nauseous. I ran to the bathroom just in time to release the tension from my stomach. There was a knock at the door.”

Novel In Progress

“I felt the world tilt and distort. Everything felt so light like I might float up into the sky at any moment, yet gravity welcomed me into her arms encasing me in a cocoon of dirt and dead leaves. She cradled me close to her bosom and cooed me to sleep with the sound of crunching leaves and cicadas. ”

Novel In Progress

Your words are thick like honey

Encompassing everything they touch

Swollen and rich

Your lips drip with it


The orange sky is met with red
Awakening me from my slumber
I slowly crawl out of my bed
To peek out at the sky of November

Tinted green then red then blue
Swirls of clouds rumble by
as the grass begins to dew

And as I look at the sky, I begin to sigh

Morning Sky – Poem

Liquid joy, sweet and bitter
Stimulates the power
That causes my heart to flitter
Though some may claim it sour
Sweet aroma filling the air
Tiny speckles here and there
Drip, drop, drip, drop

The water sings
It stops with a pop
Great joy it brings
Running through my brain
Awakening my sane
Thoughts and insane the same
Easing through the mental game
Oh the liquid joy, sweet and bitter

Coffee: Liquid Joy – Poem

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Layout Design First Draft – Yearbook Title Page
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